Our factory is constructed on an area of 6 acres (23.700 m²) and provides space for the loading of our lorries as well as containers for export.

One of the key points to our success is the storage capacity on this area of around 2 months production capacity which allows us to store the different types of wheat qualities for the right mixture of wheat to meet our customer needs.

We are able to meet customers' needs in special products made out of wheat like high nutritional wheat germs or cleanest bran for human consumption plus flour fortification as per our customers inquiries. Our production capacity of 400 tons per day can be packed in most bags from paper to PPE and in different sizes from 1 kg over 5, 10, 20 up to 25kg or 50 kg regarding the order of our customer.

The factory machines are mainly Buhler machines together with Alapala machines.

The capacity is 400 t/d wheat and we are able to double our capacity in the future.