Cift Kanarya Luks Yufkalik
Cift Kanarya Luks Yufkalik


Uses for making  yufka and mille-feuille

Structural Features

  • High water absorption, achieve more product.
  • Doesn't allow slit and regression. Opens easily.
  • Producted from white high quality wheat, so creates very white colour in last product.
  • High starch damaged so water is trapped inside the product. This helps long shell life.

Technıcal Features:

  • Protein (min%): 12,00
  • Moisture (max%): 14,50
  • Ash  (max%): 0,55
  • Wet gluten (min%): 31
  • Energy (min): 130 cm²
  • Water Absorption (min%):60