About Us

Intermil-Un is in the perfect location to look after its clients with our head office in Istanbul and our factory in Ankara, right in the heart of the Turkish wheat belt. High quality wheat combined with Swiss/German (Buhler) technology and German milling expertise, with our highly experienced work force all combine to produce one of the best-known flours in the region.

Our factory is a 400mt/day constructed on an area of 6 acres (23.700 m²) and provides space for the loading of our lorriesas well as containers for export.

One of the key factors in our success is the on-site storage capacity of around 2 month's production which allows us to store the different types of wheat qualitiesenabling us to always meet our customers' needs.

With food hygiene procedures like ISO 22000 and SNI (StandardNational Indonesia) we are a trustedpartner for business in the field of wheat flour as we understand what it means to be safe with the product. Regular maintenance and management standards like ISO 9001 assure consistent quality of our product, recommended by bakeries.

We are able to meet customers' needs in special products made out of wheat, such as high nutritional wheat germs or cleanest bran for human consumption plus flour fortification as per our customers' inquiries. Our production capacity of 400 tons per day can be packed in any type of bags from paper to PPE and in different sizes from 1 kg over 5, 10, 20 up to 25kg or 50 kg regarding our customer's needs/requirements.

Our advanced conveying system delivers the product on a safe system through the company on time to where it is needed. With an intake capacity of 1200 t/day we are capable of processing large quantities of wheat.

The newest technology from Germany and whole Europe is used in the laboratory to determine the quality of our products by analysing proteins, minerals and vitamins for their quantity and quality.

The factory machines are mainly Buhler machines together with Alapala machines.